Superior Lawn and Landscape is committed to bringing you the best possible experience and value in landscape design and installation. With each opportunity our MNLA certified designers work cooperatively to create the ideal landscape for our client. We begin by listening attentively to your needs and ideas, then utilize our professional knowledge and design skills to incorporate your desires into a landscape plan.

Our designers will continue close communication with you and the MNLA certified foreman as the plantings and enhancements are installed. To ensure your satisfaction we use only top quality landscape materials such as edging, fabric, mulch, pavers, etc. from local suppliers. Our plant material is locally grown, specific to our region and personally chosen by the designer for your home. 

Following the installation we make sure that you are delighted with the outcome. Our staff is available for questions and maintenance—we pride ourselves on long-term relationships with our customers. 


One of our certified landscape designers will come to your home, discuss your needs and analyze your site conditions. Following the initial meeting we will present you with a custom design and estimate tailored to your needs. 



Brick pavers are an ideal replacement for concrete sidewalks or driveways that have settled, cracked or broken. Brick pavers can be used for many elements in the landscape, particularly front entry walks and backyard patios and firepits. We also use pavers to create outdoor dining and kitchen areas or to upgrade concrete and asphalt driveways. Brick pavers offer many advantages over those traditional materials in that they don’t crack and are far less likely to settle or heave. Brick pavers are more environmentally friendly as some are made from recycled materials and all reduce the amount of surface water runoff. Pavers offer unlimited options in color choices, patterns, sizes, textures and shapes in which they can be installed. We purchase our products through local distributors who supply us with top quality materials fromAnchorInter-lock, and Borgert



Many homes have natural stone accents in their architecture. That same natural stone can be mirrored in your landscape, offering a more natural and softer appearance than concrete for front entry walks and backyard patios and firepits. We also use natural stone to create outdoor dining and kitchen areas and upgrading traditional concrete walks and patios. Natural stone offers many advantages over those traditional materials and stone is less likely to settle or heave, and reduces the amount of surface runoff. Natural stone is available in many varieties, such as Travertine Bluestone, Chilton and Granite, reflecting different colors, sizes and textures. Natural stone materials come in random irregular shapes or cut and patterned geometrical shapes and can be custom cut to fit your needs. We purchase our products through local distributors who supply us with top quality materials. 



Boulders are a durable, affordable retaining wall option. When built properly they will last forever.
Typically we use 2’-4’ boulders to build our walls and install a heavy felt silt barrier behind every wall to prevent erosion. Boulders provide a natural, informal look for a retaining wall.



Another beautiful retaining wall option is stone materials such as Limestone, Sandstone or other stones from Minnesota quarries. Some of these stones are for walls under 3’ tall but can be tiered to accommodate the required heights. These walls, with their more classic look, are ideal for complementing the architecture of a specific styled home. 



The newest retaining walls on the market are concrete block retaining walls. They have a look of natural stone but large scale production makes them available at a price point appealing to most any client. Available in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes, they are useful in a wide variety of applications. Some of our manufacturers are AnchorAllan Block and Keystone 



A classic look in the landscape that is making a strong comeback is the use of stone columns and pillars. Previously reserved for the wealthy, new production methods and cutting technologies have made them affordable to more homeowners. A great design element in defining a space in the garden or assisting in traffic flow, pillars can also be used as footings for pergolas/arbors etc. Again the colors, styles and patterns are limitless and can be designed to meet almost any look and budget. 



Many of the manufacturers of block retaining walls have also developed columns and free standing sitting walls. This is an affordable alternative to natural stone. Columns are a great design element when defining a space in the garden, assisting traffic flow, and used as the base for pergolas and arbors. Colors, styles and patterns are unlimited and can be incorporated into any design. We recommend top quality products from these manufacturers: AnchorAllan block , KeystoneBorgert and Interlock.  



Timber walls are functional, practical and affordable.



Minnesota summers are too short. When the sun goes down, nothing attracts family and friends like a fire on the patio. A fire pit can warm the crowd, repel mosquitoes, and soothe spirits. An in-ground fire pit is the center of attention at any gathering. We can also customize an above ground fire pit built out of natural stone with a decorative, natural stone cap that doubles as a table. Either way, every backyard patio would be enhanced by having a fire pit! 



Outdoor entertaining has come a long way from just firing up a barbeque grill on the back deck or placing a picnic table on the patio. No backyard retreat would be complete without an outdoor fireplace. These modern structures are surprisingly affordable and will be the best conversation place in the neighborhood. Many new outdoor fireplaces have a preconstructed concrete framework which can be surfaced with brick, natural stones or cultured stones tailored to complement the rest of your landscape. Checkout 



Outdoor kitchens increase your living space and add tremendous value to your home. The traditional charcoal grill has graduated to a complete outdoor cooking environment. An outdoor kitchen can range from a simple expanded grill station to a grilling connoisseur’s dream complete with running water, an outdoor fridge, kegerator, pizza oven, and other limitless options. It is no wonder that outdoor kitchens are the hottest trend in outdoor living. We can design an outdoor room to fit into any home environment with all the trim and fixings. 



Today’s landscape lighting is affordable and functional. Quality lighting is not so much about the fixture but the affect that it creates. Landscape lighting makes yards more attractive and enjoyable but also heightens visibility and creates a safer atmosphere. By lighting paths, steps and architecture, you add aesthetics and safety as you ward off possible intruders. We have certified low voltage professionals to design and install the simplest to most complex lighting. Why not enjoy your landscape investment long after the sun sets?



Any well designed garden or patio should contain many elements of nature: stone, water, and fire. Cedar wood structures are another natural feature that can enhance an outdoor environment. We can custom design and build on site unique garden structures such as pergolas, arbors and trellis’ to meet the scale and architecture of your home. Made of solid cedar materials, they will last for years with minimal maintenance. 



After completing your extensive patio or outdoor room consider complementing it with furniture. Superior offers a full line of Teak and Eucalyptus furniture by Garden Wood furniture. Patio dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, bistro tables, Adirondack chairs, garden arm chairs, gliding benches and storage boxes are just some of what is available. They are all built with high quality Teak or Eualyptus. This furniture will be the finishing touch to your patio—a beautiful and affordable way to enjoy fine, outdoor living. 



Nothing adds distinction and peace to an outdoor living space like a water feature which rounds out and completes any outdoor design. Even in tight spaces you can enjoy the look and peaceful sound of water, which can mask the sound of vehicles on a busy street. Water features come in many forms from a simple bubbling boulder or column to a low maintenance water fall, creek and pond equipped with fish and flowering water plants. A pond-less waterfall is also available for those looking for a water feature with virtually no maintenance.