Our Office

4100 Steiner Street
Saint Bonifacius, MN, 55375

Office:  952-446-8000          

Fax: 952-446-1140                 info@superiorexpressions.com

Store Manager:  Jeanna Lang   Jeanna@superiorexpressions.com

In-House Landscape Designers:

Larry Franzen:                           Larry@superiorexpressions.com

Kyle Lemke:                                 Kyle@superiorexpressions.com                    

Store Hours:                                                  Closed for season. See you in the SPRING!!


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We Love what we do and the opportunity help our customers!  Please come on in and experience the Superior difference for yourself.  Our sales staff are friendly, energetic, and knowledgeable.  We have many Landscape displays that will excite your creativity!  See you soon!!